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Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles (otherwise known as LA) is the centre of the world’s film and television industry. Step off the plane and be transported into a movie scene with every street you explore. With endless Hollywood tours, theme parks, museums and nature reserves to visit, LA is a city with plenty to do to keep your travel diary full of stories.  The typical LA lifestyle is relaxed with a touch of glamour. Long-lunches turn into afternoon aperitifs and nights with friends at the local bar. Our team at Mela Purdie have explored LA a few times and would recommend packing outfits for those spontaneous days which turn into memorable evenings.

Los Angeles essentials are a Crescent Blouse paired with a Straight Cut Pant finished off with a Ring Belt. Pack a classic Frill Bell T Dress for the evenings and pair with a classic heel for a complete LA look.

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